The lowdown on double buggies

An ideal option for a growing family, get the lowdown on single to double buggies

What to look for when choosing a double buggy

If you need a double buggy for when your baby arrives, here are some important things to look for

Double buggies

If you are having twins, pregnant with your second child and your first is under two, a double pushchair is pretty much a must-buy.

What to look for when choosing a double buggy

There are two main types of double buggy. Tandems, where one seat is in front of the other, are more easily manoeuvred through doorways and shop aisles, but their extra length can be problematic on public transport. One child often has a restricted view, so they can be better for siblings of differing ages.

A twin pushchair, with side-by-side seats, gives each child a better view of the world, but their width can be difficult to squeeze through some spaces. As their name suggests, they’re a preferable option for twins, and often have slightly narrower seats than a tandem. Look for seats and footrests that recline independently so each child has added comfort at nap-time.

Need to know about double buggies

Doubles are naturally pretty hefty to carry and store so check carefully you have room to transport and store your chosen model. Also see how easy it is to fold and check whether the seats need to be removed before you do so.

Many doubles have almost endless configurations of adding car seats, carrycots and even buggy boards, while others are fuss-free and basic.

Think about your lifestyle and how long you’ll need a double buggy for to help you decide.


  • Decide whether a twin or a tandem model is right for you
  • Check the weight and size for storage and manoeuvrability
  • Think about your lifestyle needs and how long you’ll need a double pushchair for

The lowdown on double buggies