Our pick of the best cot mobiles around

A cot mobile is a great addition to your baby’s cot, we roundup some of the best around

The top cot mobiles on the market

We take a look at some of the best cot mobiles in the shops

As well as being a nice decoration on your baby’s cot, a cot mobile is a good way to stimulate your baby’s eyesight.

We round up some of the best around

Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams mobile

Fisher Price
Butterfly Dreams mobile
RRP £34.99

  • The starry light show projects on the ceiling and walls and has three audio modes with up to 30 minutes of lullaby music, white noise or soothing nature sounds
  • It includes three soft, sweet, smiling butterfly bears to soothe, comfort and entertain
  • Remote control restarts motorised mobile motion, starry light show projection and audio
  • Converts to table top musical projection soother for older babies and toddlers, and a linkable stroller mobile that easily clips to your stroller’s canopy

We love the versatility of this calming lightshow and cot mobile.

Mothercare Hello friend 2 mobile

Hello Friend cot mobile
RRP £30.00

  • Features three bright, colourful and embroidered jungle characters and a mirror
  • It also includes a wind-up music box that plays a lullaby whilst the mobile rotates to help soothe and comfort babies as they sleep
  • Easily attachable to most cots and cotbeds

We love the funky and bright character toys on this mobile.

Mothercare Peter Rabbit mobile

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit mobile
RRP £32.99

  • The classic wind-up music box plays a gentle lullaby
  • It attaches easily to the side of a cot and is soothing and calming at bedtime
  • It has Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny toys plus two soft cubes that hang from a circular frame
  • This mobile is part of Mothercare’s Peter Rabbit collection, which includes clothes and bedding

We love that this features the classic Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit – ideal for a more traditional nursery.

VTech Ocean Sounds mobile

Ocean Sounds
RRP £32.99

  • Includes 4 cute characters that spin around
  • Plays soothing melodies and ocean sounds as well as projecting a light show
  • A timer and sound sensor detects when your little one is awake

We love that this cot mobile can detect when your little one is awake and starts playing calming tunes to help settle your baby.

Tiny Love classic development mobile

Tiny Love
Classic Developmental Mobile

  • This cot mobile grows with your baby and converts from a mobile to a cot bed music box & night light
  • It's 4-way mobile movement is designed to attract baby’s gaze
  • Stimulates baby’s cognition, emotional intelligence and senses with black and white spirals for visual stimulation
  • It has 20 minutes of continuous classical music (Bach and Mozart) or nature sounds and has a calming night light

We love the use of black and white spirals that aid your baby's visual stimulation.

lair du Lune ahot cot mobile

Clair du Lune
Ahoy! mobile
RRP £27.99

  • A rotating musical mobile with hanging fabric characters
  • Has soothing and calming music to help your baby relax and drift off
  • Part of a wider range of coordinating nursery items
  • Can be sponge cleaned

We love the cute aquatic theme that can be teamed with matching cot bedding or Moses basket.

Fisher Price mobile

Fisher Price
Rainforest Peek-a-boo Leaves
RRP £51.99

  • Has three soothing settings: music, motion, and lights; music and motion; and music with nightlight
  • The leaves wave gently up and down while a smiling dragonfly plays peek-a-boo to music
  • Features three detachable rainforest characters which spin as the mobile rotates around
  • You can choose between classical music or rainforest sounds.

We love the amount of entertaining, ideal for stimulating at playtime as well as soothing for bedtime.

Tiny Love mobile

Tiny Love
Magical Night mobile
RRP £59.99

  • Comes in a nature inspired design with cute animals that rotate to soothe babies to sleep
  • Firstly use it as a musical mobile-projector to project character images on a canopy for younger babies
  • At 5 months, you can convert to a music box that will project friendly characters onto the ceiling
  • For toddlers the soothing glow from the bedside lamp mode, complete with a starry night projection on the ceiling will help them sleep

We love that this versatile mobile plays 30 minutes of music in 3 different musical styles.

Our pick of the best cot mobiles around