The lowdown on hip carriers and seats

Thinking of investing in a hip carrier? Here's what you need to know and five of the best

Baby carriers: Hip carriers and seats

What you need to know about the best hip carriers and seats for your baby

Baby hip seat

The Lowdown

Once your child has reached three to six months, they’ll be big enough to be transported using a hip carrier. Carrying your baby on the hip is one of the most comfortable methods of transporting them, but choosing a specially -designed carrier means that it’ll be even easier, and will put less strain on your arms.

What to look for

There are two types of models to choose from. Stand-alone hip carriers are cheaper and cost from £15 - £40, but you can also buy ones that can carry in multiple ways, with a hip carry being one of the options. This type can be used from birth, whereas the hip only versions can’t be used until about 3-4 months old, but can ring in around the £100 mark so are a bigger investment.

Need to know

Comfort for you both is key, so look for wide straps and a thickly padded seat. Make sure that your baby’s legs will be in the hip-healthy ‘m’ or frog-leg position too.

1. Hipseat, £39.95, Hippychick
Winner of countless awards, the Hipseat supports your child's weight from underneath with the firm, shelf-like seat, so your back doesn't have to take the strain. Sturdy, yet lightweight, the Hipseat can also be machine washed for ease. It comes with a drawstring carry bag, and you can choose from a variety of colours.

2. Baby Carrier Hipseat And Toddler Backpack, £88.99, I-Angel
An innovative 3-in-1 design, that transforms from a front and back carrier to a standalone hip carrier, so you don’t have to buy two different models.  Made from cotton with detachable organic cotton teething pads, the i-Angel can be used all the way from three months old to late toddlerhood, and there’s also a handy pocket for your phone or other essentials. 

3. Standard Edition 3-in-1 carrier, £99,  Manduca
Suitable from birth as a front carrier, this model can be used for carrying on the hip from three months old. Full of useful features such as a hidden back and neck support to cradle sleeping babies, plus the back of the carrier is extendable, so can be used for larger children (up to 20kg) with ease.

4. Carry Me!, £12.99, Koo-di
The Carry Me is a compact and incredibly well priced hip carrier, ideal for stashing in your bag for days out with your toddler. It folds into a tiny bag and weighs next to nothing, so is ideal for transporting your toddler occasionally when they’re too tired to walk, and you need a bit of help to carry them!

5. 360 carrier, £129.90, Ergobaby
The 360 can be used in four different positions, two on the front, one on the back and also slung across the hips. The extra wide band helps give the wearer extra support and comfort, especially useful if you’ve had a C-section. The structured bucket seat will keep your baby ergonomically seated with their legs in the ‘M’ position, and their spine in the desired curved 'C' position.

The lowdown on hip carriers and seats