Five of the best value baby cots for under £100

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Guide to the best value cots

Our helpful guide to getting the best value cot for your baby

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The Lowdown

Buying a cot is one of the three essential big baby buys you'll probably make - the others being a pushchair and a car seat. It's going to take a big chunk of your budget, so choosing the right one is very important. Some models cost well over the £300 mark, but if you've got less than that to spend, don't worry, as there are still some great options for well under a £100.
The first decision is to choose between a cot and a cotbed. Cots last for around two years, while a cotbed could be in use for much longer, as it can convert to a junior sized bed for the preschool years. Cotbeds tend to be more expensive, but they do have drawbacks. If you have a second child, you might need to use it as a cot again for them, so you'll might never have a chance to convert it to a bed for your older child after all.

What to look for

A mattress base that can move to different heights so you can adjust it to suit your baby's age and stage is always useful. Rubber teething rails along the top can protect the wood (and your baby's teeth) when they’re cutting teeth. A drop side can also be useful in the early weeks so you can lean over and get your baby in and it of the cot more easily. This can also be helpful if you've had a C Section to minimise stooping over.

Need to know

An important thing to think about is the mattress. Poorly fitting or dirty mattresses have been linked to an increase in the risk of SIDS so always get advice from your chosen retailer. Even if you buy a second hand cot you should always buy a brand new mattress. 


1. Sniglar cot, Ikea, £39
This simple beech cot is part of Ikea’s basics range, and is the ideal buy if money is tight. There’s little in the way of features, there are only two mattress base heights for example, but the wide and airy slats will give you a great view of your baby from across the room and the price is affordable for all.

Mothercare marlow cot

2. Marlow cot, Mothercare, £100
With a contemporary look, it features fixed sides and three different mattress base heights. Younger babies can sleep with the mattress raised to the highest point allowing you to lift your baby in an out of the cot without straining your back. As your little one grows, and gets more active, the cot base can be lowered to allow them to stand safely inside


3. Somerset cot, Kiddicare, £99.99
A well-priced cotbed available in either white or natural wood, that has the extra flexibility to turn into a junior bed once your baby is ready. It has good basic features, with three mattress heights and coordinates with a wider range of other furniture items so you can create a matching room.


4. Cyprus cot, Babies R Us, £69.99
Despite its budget-busting price, the Cyprus still has features you’d expect from a more expensive model, including teething rails down each side to protect the wood and a mattress base that can be lowered to three different positions.  It’s made from attractive natural pine, and will blend in with pretty much every decor.


5. Space Saver Cot, Saplings, £99.99
If you’ve got a smaller than average home, this model could be the answer, as it's more compact than most standard-sized cots. It comes with a mattress included, which most cots don’t, which is a bonus and still has great features like a drop side and three mattress heights, despite the reduced size. The downside is that as it’s smaller, it won’t last your child as long.

Five of the best value baby cots for under £100