Top brands for best, easy-fastening babygrows

The lowdown on our favourite easy-fastening babygrows

Our top picks of easy-fastening babygrows

When choosing babygrows the easy-fastening ones are a winner, here's our favourites

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The Lowdown

You might be excited by all the adorable mini-me clothes in the shops, but for the first few weeks it’s more practical for your baby to wear a one-piece babygrow (also called a sleepsuit). Made from soft cotton, they’ll be more comfortable for your newborn that fiddly and restrictive ‘proper’ clothes and are also easier to take off when it's time to change their nappy. You could be changing your baby’s nappy several times a day, so choosing a garment that's easy to do up and undo is very important!

What to look for

Poppers are the most usual (and quickest) method for fastening, and look for babygrows that have openings down the front, rather than the back, for easier access. Babygrows with popper openings down the legs too are the most practical for quick and efficient nappy changes. Soft, natural fabrics like cotton are best for delicate newborn skin, and there are lots of organic options for extra comfort and sensitivity.

Need to know

It’s cheaper to buy multipacks, but don’t buy too many as your baby will quickly grow, especially in the early months. Between six and eight is enough in each size, depending on how often you’ll be doing the washing. Babygrows with feet are cosier, but those without don’t get grown out of so quickly.

1. Pack of 5 organic cotton sleepsuits, John Lewis, £15
John Lewis are a well known face on the high street, and continue to be a go-to destination for all things baby. They have a multitude of patterned rompers and sleepsuits on sale, but we think the best buy is this five pack. Made from very soft organic cotton and available in sizes newborn to eighteen months, these sleepsuits are a well-priced and practical buy.

2. Pack of 5 sleepsuits, Ladybird at Very, £20

Did you know that the Ladybird (once at Woolworths) kids range now has a new home on the Very website? Known for their affordable and well- designed clothes, they have an extensive baby range. What's great about these babygrows is that they have a wide envelope neckline so they're easy to put on and off, and no opening down the front means your baby won’t get chilly at changing time.

3. Pack of  3 fox sleepsuits, Mothercare, £16
There are clever features in these sleepsuits that make them a cut above the average. As well as the nickel-free poppers (so not to cause irritation) down the front for easy access, there are built-in scratch mitts in the newborn sizes, and slip resistant soles for when your baby starts to crawl.

4. Pack of 3 sleepsuits, £4, Primark
Primark’s unbelievably low prices extend to their babywear range too, as you can pick up a pack of three printed baby grows for just £4. They are part of their ‘baby basics’ collection and are available in a unisex grey and white pattern.

5. Sleepsuit with zip, £13, Zippy suit
A genius idea for super-quick nighttime changes, these ingenious babygrows have a zip down the front so you don't have to fiddle with poppers in the middle of the night. They are obviously pricier, but could be the answer for speedier nappy changes. The zip has been sown in carefully so it won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

Top brands for best, easy-fastening babygrows