Five of the best value travel cots

Our choice of the best value travel cots around now

Travel cots top picks

Our top picks of travel cots on the market

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The Lowdown

Whether you're planning a family holiday, a weekend away, or just the occasional night at Granny's, a travel cot is pretty much essential. Prices can range from around £25 to upwards of £100, but even the models at the lower end of the scale will offer a decent night's sleep for your baby.

What to look for

There are two main types you can choose from. The first has a rigid frame and looks the most like a traditional cot, and folds down into a rectangular shape for storage. They’re pretty sturdy, but less portable than other models, and can only be transported by car. Some of these models have enhanced features like newborn bassinets, mobiles and changing mats. They can also be used as a playpen during the day.
The second type of cot is better for travelling light and even going on holiday by plane. They pop-up like a tent, and fold compactly into often very small carry bags and can also be used as a sun shelter on hot days. The downside is that they often don't have the sturdiness or longevity of the more rigid type and are often not suitable for larger, more boisterous toddlers.

Need to know

You’ll probably need to invest in a special travel cot mattress, as often the base provided is not quite plush enough. Make sure to practice putting your chosen cot up and down - essential if you arrive at your destination late at night!

1. Colour Block Cot, Mothercare, £30
Suitable from birth to when your child is around two years old, this purse-friendly travel cot is ideal for trips away, and folds down to fit into a carry bag that can be easily stowed in your car’s boot. Solid and sturdy, it has mesh sides so your child can easily see out.

2. Commuter cot, Joie, £59.99
Useful features like a detachable bassinet for the early weeks and wheels for easier manoeuvring, make this model a wise buy. You can also buy a changing table, rocking seat and a sound and light unit separately to create a welcoming and fun environment for your baby.

3. Sleeptight travel cot, Red Kite, £29.99
An award-winning and budget-busting model, that is lighter than many of its class at 8.5kg. It has padded top rails for extra comfort for little hands, and a mattress included. It folds away easily into its travel bag for easy transportation.

4. Nomada Foldable Travel Cot, Jane. £34.99
Weighing in at 2.5kg, this pop-up style cot is a great buy for truly travelling light. It can be used as a travel cot, playpen or even as a sun shelter as the detachable top has a SPF of 50+. The floor of the cot is padded for comfort and it can be easily wipe-cleaned.

5. Jungle Fun Sleep and Go travel cot, Hauck, £49.99
Hauck have a wide range of practical travel cots, and the Sleep and Go is one of their best value models. It’s bright and colourful design, with cute character and primary colours making it an attractive buy, plus it has wheels for easier manoeuvrability and a viewing window so your child can see out.

Five of the best value travel cots