The lowdown on baby carriers and slings

If you want to carry your baby when out and about, take a look at the latest baby carriers and slings around

Baby carriers and slings: What you need to know

From what to look for and the latest on the market in baby carriers and slings

Baby carrier

Baby carriers and slings are an alternative way to transport your baby rather than a pushchair, great for country walks and busy city centres. Using a sling or carrier can also help with bonding and help soothe and calm newborns.

What to look for

Firstly you’ll want to choose between a carrier and a sling. Carriers are more structured, and usually made from nylon-type fabric. You can also buy rucksack-like back carriers for older babies.

Slings are made from a length of fabric that can be tied in a variety of ways. A soft-structured carrier is a hybrid of a carrier and sling.

Look for versatility, a choice of carrying positions and comfort for your baby, and also for wide, well-padded easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps to make sure it’s comfortable for you, too. For a front carrier, make sure the seat and straps will support your baby securely and that all buckles, snaps, and belts feel durable and are in good working order.

Need to know

Try as many options as you can before buying so you can decide which type of carrier or sling is right for you. Always practice putting on the carrier or sling before you use it for the first time to make sure you do it correctly (there are videos on YouTube to help).

Always follow the TICKS guidelines for safer babywearing:

  • Tight In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off chest
  • Supported back


  • You can choose between a sling, baby carrier or soft-structured carrier 
  • Wide, adjustable straps are important for the carrier’s comfort
  • Always follow the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing

Latest products on the market:

Rocking Baby Reversible sling

Reversible Baby Sling RRP £49.99

  • This sling from Rockin Baby is a fully reversible baby carrying pouch to suit all wearers.
  • It is made from ultra-soft breathable cotton and has 3 stage easy-to-fit nylon zipper system for all body types.
  • The sling has 4 carrying positions and extra padding on the backside for ultimate comfort
  • The sling is machine washable

We love that the protective layers of fabric are used to hide zips away from your baby's gentle skin.
Max weight of child: 18kg

Connecta baby carrier

Connecta Baby Carrier RRP £68.00

  • The baby carrier from Connecta features an integrated sleeping hood that tucks right away inside the carrier and can be a handy pocket too
  • The wide base supports the anatomically correct position for baby and gives optimum comfort for the wearer
  • The carrier is suitable from 3.5kg up to toddlerhood
  • All Connectas are sewn with extra strong thread making them strong and durable

We love the cute sleeping hood that doubles up as a handy pockets for all your bits and bobs.
Max weight of child: 15kg

Phil and Teds Emotion baby carrier

Phil & Teds Emotion baby carrier RRP £69.00

  • The Emotion baby carrier from Phil & Teds is ergonomically designed and easy to adjust independently
  • It is easily adjusted with a clever one-handed clip system to secure baby
  • The carrier has a cross over back and zips for comfort and speed of fit to your body.
  • The head support is ultra-adjustable integrated

We love that this is a reasonably priced carrier that offers comfort and support for your baby.
Max weight of child: 15kg

We Made Me Pao Papoose carrier

We Made Me Pao Papoose baby carrier RRP £89.99

• The Pao Papoose baby carrier from We Made Me is designed to carry babies from 4 to 36 months.
• It is easily adjusted and is a soft structured carrier.
• Offering front and back-carrying positions, it's a two-shoulder carrier for comfort for both baby and wearer.
• It also has an adjustable head support that doubles up as a protective hood.

We love that this carrier is 100% cotton and is machine washable at 40 degrees.
Max weight of child: 15kg

The lowdown on baby carriers and slings