How to make your pregnant partner smile

Tips for the father of your baby on how to keep you smiling in pregnancy

20 things your partner can do to make you smile in pregnancy

With emotions all over the place, here’s how to get your partner to help you smile now you’re pregnant

Pregnant couple cuddling

Let’s face it, it’s in your partner’s interest to keep you smiling during pregnancy, or he’s the one bound to cop the moods if you’re not. So give him a helping hand and print this article out and casually leave it somewhere he’ll find it!

1. Tell her she’s gorgeous as often as you can
2. Offer her more food
3. Do not visibly cringe if words such as ‘cramping’ or ‘discharge’ are mentioned
4. Go to all pregnancy related appointments (even if she tells you not to worry)
5. Offer her more food
6. Don’t EVER eat food she is not allowed around her
7. Rub her lower back without being asked
8. Offer her more food
9. Clean the bathroom
10. Buy her a pregnancy pillow
11. Even if it’s the 5th time that week, if she wants to talk about baby names, say: “Of course!”
12. Don’t drink alcohol around her, but offer her more food
13. Tell her to sit down and offer her a foot massage
14. Tell her that you love her changing shape and that the amazingly thing her body is doing growing a baby it makes her even sexier to you.
15. Listen when she needs a whinge about pregnancy symptoms
16. Of course, offer her more food
17. Be diplomatic about chosen baby names you don’t like
18. Help out more round the house
19. Show interest in her birth plan
20. Tell her you love her, regularly

How to make your pregnant partner smile