What’s the difference between a single pregnancy and double?

Quite a lot! Here are a few differences between them you may not have realised

The differences between single and twin pregnancies

Apart from the obvious bump size, there are a few more differences between single and twin pregnancies than you may realise

Woman laying down pregnant with twins

1. Always classed as high risk

Unfortunately with a twin pregnancy even if everything is going smoothly and the babies are doing well and so are you, the pregnancy will automatically be considered high risk. This means you will have more antenatal appointments, be under a consultant and generally be prodded and poked a bit more than low risk single pregnancy. But on the up side, you are getting almost constant care throughout your 9 months.

2. You may struggle more with maternity wear

As your bump is likely to bigger than many single pregnancies and from earlier on, you may find getting maternity clothes isn’t easy.

3. Forget tiredness, you will be permanently exhausted

You’ve not just got one baby taking all your nutrients, but 2! This means double the tiredness so make sure you book yourself out for a nap on a daily basis!

4. Heavier bump

Not only is your bump bigger, but it will be heavier too so it could be worth investing in a maternity band to take that pressure off a little.

5. The sonographer will become your new best friend

As you have more monitoring than single pregnancies, this also means you will have the excitement of more ultrasounds which is more opportunities so see your little angel on this screen!

What’s the difference between a single pregnancy and double?