Rarest girls’ names

Looking for a name more rare and different name for your little one? These unusual names are unique

One-of-a-kind girls’ names

Browse our hand-picked one-off list of unusual baby names to help you decide on a really rare name for your baby girl

Rarest girls names

If it’s a really unique or unusual baby name choice you want for a little girl, we have searched through the 1000s of names that Bounty mums have chosen so far in 2018 to bring you some inspiration for a name with an edge that certainly won’t be common in the playground. 

Floral names for girls are dominating the list of rarest girls’ names this year with Petal, Posie and Bloom all making a unique appearance. These are good choices if you like the floral inspired names but want something a little different to the more mainstream Rose, Lily, Daisy or Poppy.

  1. Pelia – Of Hebrew origin means miracle of God.
  2. Soleil – Of French origin meaning sun.
  3. Meleri – Of Welsh origin and means an early saint.
  4. Althea – Of Greek origin meaning to heal.
  5. Petal – Of Greek origin and is a flower name.
  6. Posie – Of English origin and means pretty bouquet of flowers.
  7. Bloom – Of American/Jewish origin means iron worker.
  8. Laurie – Of Latin origin means from the place of the laurel leaves.
  9. Lavana – Of Sanskrit and Indian background meaning beautiful.
  10. Jacinta – Of Greek origin meaning beautiful and derived from the name of a precious stone.

Rarest girls’ names