Why a home birth may be worth considering

You may not be sure what birth you want yet, but worth considering all the options, here’s the lowdown on home births

5 reasons to consider a home birth

Thinking ahead to the birth? Find out why a home birth may be right for you

woman having home birth

However far you are into your pregnancy, the thought of giving birth is never too far away, and from early on, you may be thinking about which birth option may be best for you.

Whatever your preferences, your birth will go how it goes and not necessarily according to your best laid plans, but having a plan is still a good idea to set out what you feel strongly about and what you don’t.

If having a home birth is on your radar at all, here are 5 reasons, that may encourage you to find out a bit more about the option.

1. Feeling more confident at home

Being in your own home can help you feel safe and in control of your birth.

2. Familiar faces

Giving birth at home means you can have those around you you’re comfortable with. Even your midwifery team you will probably have gotten to know well in the lead up to the big day.

3. Not having to travel when having contractions

Not having to get in the car and travel to the hospital and wait to be settled in a bed is an advantage of a home birth. Once contractions start, you know you don’t have to go anywhere.

4. Freedom of birth position

Giving birth at home can give you more freedom to get in whatever birthing position works for you. In hospital you may feel a bit more restricted to stay on the bed.

5. First night in your own bed

Perhaps the biggest advantage of giving birth at home is that you will be able to sleep in your own bed that very first night, and nothing is like your own bed.

Why a home birth may be worth considering