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10 of the best baby names that originate from food

You may be surprised by how many names do originate from food

10 baby names for boys and girls inspired by food

Looking for a unique baby name? Take food as your inspiration


Some names are food for thought. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their first child Apple before their unconscious uncoupling, while many moons ago Bob Geldof and Paula Yates called their second-born Peaches. 

Less outlandish offerings that are either derived from or associated with food include Saffron, Honey, Sherry, Rosemary and Reese for girls, and Anise, Bartlett, Basil, Cane, Benedict and Kale for boys.

And some things you may not realise, the boy’s name Graham originates from a cracker while Frank is derived from a Frankfurter. And apparently Reuben is a sandwich and Barack is a Hungarian brandy….

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1. Anise (spice)

2. Bartlett (pear)

3. Basil (herb)

4. Cane (sugar)

5. Cobb (salad)

6. Chuck (steak)

7. Alfredo (pasta)

8. Benedict (eggs)

9. Kale (salad leaf)

10. Reuben (sandwich)


1. Olive

2. Angelica (herb)

3. Saffron

4. Reese (sweet)

5. Brie (cheese)

6. Clementine

7. Apple

8. Madeleine (small sponge cake)

9. Honey

10. Peaches

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10 of the best baby names that originate from food