Cringe-worthy Facebooks posts

Who do you know that fits one of these Facebook posters?

Classic parenting Facebook faux pas’

Recognise any of these?

Parenting Facebook faux pas’

  • …which one do you recognise?

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Facebook, a great place to find out all the goss on everyone you’ve ever met and of course, a perfect outlet to show off your gorgeous baby for all to see. 

But what actually constitutes going too far? How far do you have to go before your nearest and dearest actually want to de-friend you?

We all know the ones, that when you see their post comes up, you instinctively roll your eyes before you’ve even read it.

Do you know any of these?

1. The over sharer

We all know at least one over sharer who will post a photo for every movement their baby makes throughout the day. ‘Here’s little Tommy as he’s just woken’ and ‘here’s little Tommy having his breakfast’. A serious case of overkill.

2. The bragger

Oh yes, the bragger. The mum who has to share on Facebook the obscene mountain of presents she has bought for her little angel’s birthday or the’ look at my baby, walking at 6 months…so proud!’ 

3. The ‘it’s all about me’ one

The one that can turn anything anyone posts to be about her. If you share something about what a beautiful day it is, she will comment with something like: ‘so glad the weather has improved for my little one’s day out’. Huh?

4. The moaner

The mum who takes to Facebook every single time she is up in the night with her baby, ‘up I get again (insert sad face emoji)’ you know the one…who will post ten minutes later: ‘just dozing off and now I need to get up to pee (insert crying face emoji). Do we really all need to go through all this with you? (Hands over eyes emoji).

5. The ‘look what a perfect yummy mummy I am’ one

The one who constantly posts photos of her and her angelic children doing all the things you mean to make time to do with your kids but never quite manage, so feel constantly guilty about. But thanks look at me mum, now I feel even more guilty looking at your pictures of you baking with your kids, making Christmas decorations with the kids

6. The ‘I’m going to share pictures to put you off your breakfast’ one

Yeah, love this one, the mum who feels it’s in the interest of all her Facebook friends to see a photo of her baby’s nappy explosion or her baby putting baked beans up his nose…where’s that Hide posts button???

Parenting Facebook faux pas’

  • …which one do you recognise?

Cringe-worthy Facebooks posts