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Group 1 Car Seat

These forward facing car seats are for children aged nine months to four years, or weighing 9kg to 18kg.

What is a group 1 car seat?

It’s an exciting time when your baby is ready to face forwards into the world, and you can move them into a forward facing car seat from around nine months, or when they weigh 9kg.

That said, babies are safer in a rearward facing car seat up to the age of at least 15 months and, indeed, safety experts recommended rearward facing for as long as possible. It’s actually safer for adults to travel facing backwards too!

Because babies grow at different rates, your child’s weight is much more important than their age, so bear that in mind when deciding when’s best to move them to the next stage.

Which group 1 car seat is right for you?

We all know toddlers grow astonishingly quickly so look out for head cushions, back rest and sides which adjust quickly and easily as your child grows.

Adjustable recline positions are always helpful for kiddies who drop off in the car.

How much do group 1 car seats cost?

Prices start around £30.

Top tips for buying a group 1 car seat

We think drink and snack holders are nice to have, but not essential.

Safety tip: when forward facing, do not use on a front passenger seat unless your vehicle manufacturer declares it safe to do so in your vehicle handbook. Always check the vehicle handbook for correct vehicle seat positioning.

Generally, the best position for a car seat is the left hand side of the car on the back seat. This helps when taking baby out as you'll be next to the pavement.

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