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How to help your little one grow up happy

We want our babies to be healthy and loved but are there ways you can tell if they are happy?

Signs of a happy baby

How to you make your baby happy? Ways to tell if your baby or toddler is growing up happy

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It’s a lot clearer to know if your baby is healthy and you know they’re loved, but how can you really tell if your baby is happy?

Here are signs and top tips you can do to help nurture your baby’s happiness.

Connections are key

Feeling a real connection to you and the rest of your family is important for your baby’s well-being and happiness. Plenty of holding close to you and regular interaction between you and them all help cement that crucial bond with your baby that with help your baby to feel part of you. Talking and singing to your baby all aid their happiness as it makes them feel connected. So chat to your baby. Tell them what you're doing, where you're going and what you notice about them - they're listening and taking it all in.

Don’t obsess about making your baby happy

What we mean by this is don’t take it upon yourself to try and ensure your baby’s happiness all the time. They will be grumpy at times, tired or hungry. It’s important they express how they feel whether happy, sad or angry. Don’t feel you need to try too hard to correct this to make your little one happy at that moment. It’s a general feeling of happiness you are striving for.

Make sure you’re happy

We can’t control our baby’s happiness but we can help control our own. Your baby will respond to your mood and how relaxed you are so if you are happy, this will rub off on your little one.

Praise, praise, praise

Nothing encourages wellbeing and happiness more than positive praise and upbeat reactions from you. So really go to town on praising the good stuff your little one does, even from a young age your baby will recognise praise in your voice and body language, it will go a long way to making your baby’s happiness stronger.

Feeling valued

As your little one grows, feeling like their little voice is heard, listened to, feeling loved and secure will all help them with a feeling of worth that will secure their happiness.

Signs your baby is happy

These are the little ways your baby will let you know that they are happy:

  • Eye contact with you
  • Turning towards you in a room or checking in to make sure you're around
  • Lighting up when you enter a room
  • Melting into your arms for a cuddle
  • Smiles, laughing, cooing and babbling

Sometimes between 9-12 months, separation anxiety may strike too. It's a normal part of baby development and they'll need reassurance but it certainly doesn't mean that your little one isn't a happy baby.

How to help your little one grow up happy