What you need to know about cribs and cradles

Preparing your baby's nursery: Cribs and cradles

What you need to know about cribs and cradles

Preparing your baby's nursery: Cribs and cradles

Vienna swinging crib

A crib (or cradle) is the ideal first bed for a newborn, and can be more cosy and welcoming than a full-sized cot. They are often slightly larger in size than a Moses basket, and can be used for the first four to six months of your baby’s life.

What to look for

Cribs are usually wooden, but some newer models have metal frames. You can choose between swinging and static cribs.

A swinging crib is useful for rocking your baby to sleep, just make sure that it can be locked into a static mode too for when your baby would like to be still! You can also buy cribs that resemble hammocks, whose swaying motion is especially good for soothing very fractious babies.

Stability is a key factor for your crib or cradle. If you have put the crib or cradle together yourself, give it a good shake to check its sturdiness. A correctly-fitting mattress is important, too. Check there’s no gaps between the crib and the mattress.

Need to know

Make sure you choose a safe part of the room to place your baby’s crib. Place it away from windows and loose blind cords. Any wires in the room from your baby monitor for example, should be moved away from the crib. Once your baby starts to try and sit up, or is rolling with confidence, you’ll need to move them to a high sided cot for safety reasons. Bumpers and quilts are often sold as part of a crib bedding set, but these are being discouraged now as they have been related to a rise in the risk of infant deaths and injuries.


  • You can choose between a static or rocking crib
  • Make sure the mattress fits correctly
  • Never use a crib once your baby starts to move, roll over or sit up

Latest products on the market:

East Coast Nursery Vienna crib

East Coast Nursery Swinging Vienna Crib RRP £84.99 

• Comes in antique and white finishes and suitable from newborn to six months

• It also has a swinging motion that allows you to rock baby gently to sleep

• Features a simple locking mechanism that also allows you to secure it in a stationary position

• Ideal size to fit easily into more compact bedrooms

A reasonably priced first newborn bed that is cosy enough for newborns to feel secure, but roomy enough to last for the first few months.

Dimensions: L106 x W53 x H84cm

Saplings Katie Crib

Saplings Katie Crib RRP £109.95 

• Made of soft padded cotton, standing on a sturdy frame

• Complete with its own mattress, this crib is designed for the first few months of bedside sleeping

• Can be easily folded and stored away so ideal for smaller homes>

• Has a gentle swaying motion to lull babies to sleep

Not one of the cheapest options, but unlike many comes complete with a mattress, making this crib good value for money.

Dimensions: L82 x W55 x H68cm

Chicco side crib

Chicco Next2Me Side-Sleeping Crib RRP £149.99

• Can be used as a normal crib when baby leaves parents’ bedroom

• Has two wheels and brakes for easy manoeuvrability

• Padded sides and padded mattress

• Height ranges from 35cm to 52cm to fit most bed types 

We love that this crib comes with its own travel bag for easy transportation but worth noting it doesn’t have as strong a base as some other cribs on the market.

Dimensions: 81 x 69 x 93cm

SnuzPod crib

Snüz SnüzPod2 Bedside Crib 3 in 1 RRP £169

• The 3-in-1 design gives you a bedside crib, standalone crib and bassinet

• You can feed and bond with your baby without having to leave your bed

• Offers a safe alternative to bed sharing and includes straps for securing to your bed (both standard framed and divan/solid base)

• Comes in a variety of colours from white, espresso, dove grey and natural

Not a cheap option, but we love that this crib gives you peace of mind while snoozing next to you, and makes breastfeeding easy at night.

Dimensions: L100 x D42 x H95cm

What you need to know about cribs and cradles