The truth about giving birth

The six things only mothers will understand about birth

Six things about birth only mums will understand

The truth about giving birth you will only get when you’ve been there

Birth: The reality

  • What birth is REALLY like

Nothing in the world can prepare you for giving birth, not really. Classes and books can help you get an overview but until you’re there, you won’t really know. 

There are some things about birth you can only understand if you’ve been through it, and even if you told someone who hasn’t, chances are they wouldn’t believe you.

We take a look at some of the things people who haven’t given birth would just simply not understand.

What would you add?

1. Plans out the window

Plan, plan and plan again, doesn’t matter, chances are you will be adamant before you give birth classical music will keep you calm, but reality will probably see you screaming for silence.

2. Dignity follows plans out the window

Doesn’t matter how much you say you would never do it, chances are you may poo in front of nurses and doctors, have the worst flatulence of your life, and the scary thing is, with everything going on while giving birth, you won’t even care. (Until you have a flashback a few weeks after the event).

3. Nothing can prepare you for the mucus plug

Not everyone experiences this, but when the thick gathering of mucus at the cervix (which acts as a plug to prevent bacteria entering) does go, it can be a bit of a yucky surprise – it’s definitely one of those unbecoming parts of pregnancy.

4. Everyone’s vocal

Even if in normal life you are one of the quietest, understated people around, you won’t be during labour. You will find yourself shouting, screaming and possibly even giving your other half grief for getting you in this situation.

5. ‘After’ birth

‘After’ birth is badly named, it is more like, ‘another’ birth. As if giving birth to your beautiful new baby isn’t enough, you then have to give birth to your placenta, surely there’s got to be another way?!

6. It’s all worth it

Doesn’t matter how bad a time you have, all the pain, discomfort, worry, loss of dignity, the minute you hold that baby, all is well in the world again and you would go through it all again.

Birth: The reality

  • What birth is REALLY like

The truth about giving birth